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Why I wish I made more money...



So nice...so local...so expensive...especially with the way work's been going lately. The main place I deliver for may be failing and the owner's laid off two employees.A couple of other prospects went with car delivery instead. I hope they regret it when in a few more weeks their drivers demand higher wages...but they''ll probably just fire them and hire people that don't know their own value.

Is anyone going to the bike-in movie tomorrow night? Apparently it's about some ex-rev's who get back into stickin' it to the man with bicycles.
I'd have to know how to play in order to have game.

Cops ran me off the road...

and I got cited for it. Last night 'round 4am my buddy Phil and I were biking from a party and heading back to the neighborhood on Humbolt, near that expensive Good Life Cafe when a car nearly swideswiped us off the road. Being the delicate soul that I am I yelled "Fuck you!" at the driver not realizing they were 5-0. Copper slammed on their brakes about 4 feet in front of me and I had to swerve left immediately which resulted in slamming into the curb and toppling over my bars. Luckily my bicycle is fine and all I've got is a partially chipped tooth and some aches.

When he got out of the car he demanded to know what I was about and I responded with "What the hell man, you nearly took us out!" He promptly replied that vulgar language was illegal in Wisconsin(?) and asked if I'd like to go downtown. At this point I was simply sitting on the curb trying to sort things out while Phil and the other officer had some sort of debate about cyclists and cars. The pig talking to me puffed his chest out and responded that he was trained as a bike officer and I said then he should know how dangerous it is to stop directly in front of a biker. I also cited the ordnance for Wisconsin stating that all drivers are required to give bikers 3 feet of space when passing. No comprende for this fucker. He took my prints and told me a citation would come in the mail and I had court July 16th. They got in their car and left. A few seconds later two 20somethings came out of their apartment and handed Phil and I beers, the dude saying he thought we could use em. A conversation about the use of police and how useless they tended to be ensued. Dude was native american and had family from mexico so the cops LOVED him. He said he didn't go anywhere with anything remotely "dangerous" including dinner knives.
The woman said that she had been sexually assaulted and when she tried to report it their first question was "What were you wearing and were you drinking?" Yeah...unsurprising to the four of us there but unfortunately all too shocking for the average citizen. Every time I have an altercation with police-this was my first in mke-I reflect on how lucky I am to be white and male. I collapsed into bed with visions of dead cops dancing through my mind.

Today I feel stiff and sore but everything's intact and my bike is in good shape. Whatever the world tosses my way...it's on.
Had a great weekend-did some gardening, rode a  lot Friday, made delicious food  both sat n sunday with good people,
drank just enough Friday and last night but not too much ;). Some friends and I shot part of a music video for MKEtoRNC today too.
Hell, I even watched Star Wars ANH tonight with someone who'd never seen it before. I'll probably regret missing Skarp tonight but I was beat all day and after making smoothies and as the evening wore on my desire left.

Works going well,I've got one more 'client' and another potential, assuming I don't get killed or paralyzed things are going well.

-Apparently dumpstering outpost at 3pm yields pizza crust, vegan donuts and vegan chocolate.-

Life rocks

Since the May Day block party I've been in a habitually good mood. Work's awesome, I picked up another client today, there's been a load of good shows, lots of biking lately and less drinking than this point last year.

Today after work I got a phone call from my friend mary asking if I'd want to do some yard work for her neighbors and I made 10 bux in one hour. Im awaiting a bbq riblet sandwich from the co-op deli during my delivery shift. Nom nom nom. 

Tonight there's an anarcho-nihilist folk band playing the ccc, then Klunkerz for the bike-in movie, then a small get-together at my house for my roommate Don's "old man birthday" then Zhana's having a birthday party at her place. On that front...things worked out for the best.
Yes, life is sweet. This means I'm probably going to die soon. Cynicism even at the best of times.

Broken flowers...

Watching this again reminds me of two things 1. That Bill Murray totally has sad dad eyes and that his expressions say more in a single scene than most actors are capable of in their careers 2. I really want to find some good Ethiopian jazz music.

Bike rides and high fives

 I've worked two days (8hrs total) downtown and made 60 bucks. I've also  yelled "I'm fuckin' workin'!" and flicked off a cop car after they cut me off while THEY ran a red light. Today I met my friend at her work, had a beer for lunch, and we checked out the MIAD senior thesis show.

This afternoon I went to a super-intense meeting at the CCC. Most of it centers around the fact that we're barely holdin' it together.
The intensity was measured, and at times healthy but I still feel drained. This Thursday is May Day, which means our big block party and really really free market after a bunch of us go to the Las Voces immigrants strike march. It's gonna be a good long day.

I REALLY want to start doing early morning rides, either during the week or Sat n Sundays. I know there's a couple of weekly evening rides but a good 8 or 9am ride once a week'd be better than coffee.

Androids, automatons and nihilists

There's finally a reportback from the action at Oshkosh Truck last month, in which some crazy fux decided to wear 'droid masks and have a robo-dance party at one of Wisconsin's primary war profiteers.


The soundtrack was an awesome mix of electronica even the most devout kraftwerk listening A.I. would appreciate.
Good weekend;saw a really loud and intense michigan band called Beasts of the Field;a wall of amps stacked twice; went to see some friends spin/breathe/create fire, drunkenly arm wrestled several people(and won every time...though my arm's now sore) and stayed out till 5am both nights and still woke up at 11:30 completely sober and healthy. Sunday a few of us at the anarchist discussion decided to start a collective garden project involving several houses, including hops planting.

Today was the first day I worked my delivery job, made 30 bucks in 3 hours, some of which sitting in a coffee shopping and reading for almost an hour. Ate a delicious Big Rig at comet I rode to the bike collective with my friend caitlin in spite of the 40 degree temp+ 20 degree winds. WTF? Where'd spring go? Oh...Milwaukee...lake effect...right.

I decided I need some new clothes. Not like thrift store new, but nice clothes new. Being an anarchist shouldn't mean I have to look like a sewer rat. 'Sides, I can still find most things union made.

Soon...a "date". We shall see.

Fucked up...

Apparently Elle Magazine considers themselves experts on both the NA anarchist/radical community and eco-terrorists. The infamous "Anna" who was an FBI informant involved with the Green Scare spoke to the magazine recently. Their article is some of the best state propaganda I've seen in awhile.


In other news, Derrick Jensen was as good as I'd expected, most of his talk centered around Endgame and of course liberal Star Wars and hope bashing. A lot of it resembled the one I saw in '05 but it was still worthwhile.

Weekend updates...

+Hanging at Zhanas with Nato in the morning before he left
+++Going downtown to  Brooklyn Bob's sub shop and coordinating a plan for bike delivery with Bob himself. This is an exciting prospect as it means the second (and first major) step to establishing a Milwaukee food by bike delivery business.
+Lazy afternoon bike ride
-No deliveries at my co-op shift.
-Bike wheel problems delaying my getting to MIAD for Gallery night
++Gallery night shenanigans
+Drunkenly watching half of Newsies before falling asleep

-Waking up later than I intended and not getting some projects done
+Coffee at Fuel with Nicole
+Running into lots of good folk while at said coffee shop and staying for hours
-Missing Candliers at Exclusive
+Pete Wood's birthday show which essentially involved stupid movies on sci-fi channel of inside jokes and making fun of Marquette kids while they were oblivious between good noises.
+Classic Slice post party
+Dead Man's Carnival Circus complete with burlesque routines and cinder blocks broken on rib cages.
+Staying up till about 5am reading and making a spring riding mix for my mp3 player. Lots of NA, Death Side and Limpwrist

+Waking up, gettin' coffee and spending the rest of the day working on my tallbike/hanging out with lots of good people
-A perpetually anti-climatic feeling since then. I hate Sundays most of all I think. Even if I'm productive and doing things, it's kind of a tease.